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Inuyasha is a feudal fairy tale about a young girl Kagome thrown into a well, and back in time fuedal japan where monsters and demons exists.    
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Cocoa Hoto is a young curious girl that recently moved into a new vibrant town, what she didnt expect was that she would
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‘Plastic Memories’ takes place in the future where technology has advanced to the point where androids labeled as ‘Giftias’ exist and are capable of implementing human thought, emotion and memories 
By Webmaster: September 26, 2015 14:00 View video.  
Kotoura has since childhood been able to read minds, and distans her self from people is all she now. But one day...
By Webmaster: March 10, 2015 21:30 View video.  
Erika is trying her hardest to not fall in love with her sadistic fake boyfriend Sata, but it's getting harder and harder..
By Webmaster: February 16, 2015 18:20 View video.  
When you find a large man floating down the river, the last thing you expect is a demonic baby coming to take over and destroy mankind! .
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The humanity is on the brink of fall, humankind has come together all around the world to stop the mass slaughter.
By Webmaster: September 20, 2014 19:18 View video.  
Markus Fenix joined by Delta squad is taking the fight down the locust own turf, fighting is all they know by now. Gears in arms, Gears to the end...
By Webmaster: October 27, 2014 22:27 View video.  
Cocoa Hoto is a young curious girl that recently moved into a new vibrant town, what she didnt expect was that she would meet Chino. Another young girl with a rabbit on her head, and on top of that work in the coffe shop, named rabbit house?
By Webmaster: May 10, 2014 11:00 View video.  
Yuri struggles with the political chains and corruptions in the knights army, and trying his best to look after his friends.
By Webmaster: April 15, 2014 14:18 View video.  
Ragna Bloodedge is wanted for his arm that is said to be the black beast wrecking havoc along time ago. Ragna dont care about things from the past, but it's this girl he keeps bumpin into that reminds him of someone from the past.. Someone or something important.
By Webmaster: March 26, 2014 20:00 View video.  
John wake up...
By Jonas Cederlund: December 18, 2015 18:16 Read Article  
What is the top 6 traits and locations you might find in anime? Well here is my personal list i put together just in time for holidays.
By Jonas Cederlund: September, 2015 14:48 Read Article  
Xbox One had choppy start to say the least back in 2013, here is a year in review of 2015 from E3 and Gamescom to see how much have changed.
By Jonas Cederlund: July, 2015 15:52 Read Article  
Gamescom 2015 is here, and Microsoft is blowing the door down with big exclusives like ScaleBound, Quantum Break and much more!
By Jonas Cederlund: June, 2015 18:15 Read Article  
Gamings christmas day is finally here! And Xbox had a great showing with Halo 5 and Forza 6.
By Jonas Cederlund: March, 2015 18:15 Read Article  
Gintama have always been praised by the fans as one of the greatest among anime, but what is this praise all about?
By Jonas Cederlund: March, 2015 20:30 Read Article  
What went wrong exacly during the developement of Assassin Creed Unity?
By Jonas Cederlund: Jan, 2015 20:13 Read Article  
This is my short and honest review of Season 1 Is the order a rabbit?
By Jonas Cederlund: Jan, 2015 20:13 Read Article  
Microtransactions both stem up anger and passion among gamers. Many believe it's the indirect cause to break a game.
By Jonas Cederlund: November, 2014 15:16 Read Article  
Graphics if done right, can get you immersed in a world for hours. But for the most time it's just money-drain for developers to make someone to buy the game.
By Jonas Cederlund: May 15, 2014 23:00 Read Article  
Destiny is the latest game from legendary creators Bungie, and with everyone excited for the game, someone must be skeptical with statements like Halo meets Borderlands.
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Hello everyone, it has been awhile. 3 years since i technically did an update for my website. However now in 2020 as of May 15 my website have turned 15 years old! Looking back.. I started webdesign with very few and a hanfull of simple goals in mind. Build a website and dedicate it to my favorite anime, while giving out as much great content as i could that like minded people would enjoy.                is my proudest achievement. read on..

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