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Xbox 360 Dreamcast Retro Soundtrack AVGN
GenoMetric Game Fails      

Various Xbox Content
Xbox 360 game console. The first true HD system available on the market, Microsofts second console expanded everything. But most importantly it expanded on it's Xbox live service and it became what you see today, a global meeting place for gamers.      

Various Dreamcast Content
Sega Dreamcast game console. Released back in the famous date of 9.9.1999. Unlike it's predecessor the Dreamcast had a launch line that few consoles can surpass, The Dreamcast is also famous for being the first console letting you play online worldwide!      

Various Retro Content
Retro, older consoles and arcade games. From Mario and Sonic to Castlvania and Mega Man relive old childhood memories, or missed opportunity. Classic games that still holds nostalgic value. Which console and game defined you as a kid, and made you a gamer today?      

Original General
Soundtrack, Ever since Super Mario Bros people have been humming over certain melodies that the creative minds behind our favorite games create. Whether you prefer the sound to be from a certain era or a certain system, in the end it all comes down to love for the music our games provide us.      

Various General
Competetive game montages, skills for thrills! And also some music videos thown into the mixer!      

Various General
Coming Soon...      

Original General
Fails from video games, small and big bring em on!      

3rd Party
The Angry Video Game Nerd, Aka AVGN., Starring "The Nerd" James Rolfe, formerly known as The nintendo nerd became famous when he was discovered on youtube, James then decided to re-name the show for broader appeal. The AVGN quickly came to be known for it's humor and language used through out the series.      
3rd Party Youtube
Music and soundtracks created and delivered from GenoMetric. Re-arranged music, and original material.      
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