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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: July 29, 2012 13:36 Back Next

What exactly can i upload on

If you own the property video, image? You will have no problem what so ever. And with images, wallpapers especially is usually not bound by any legal enforcement,

The quality is below average!

Every music video i have on my web site has a resolution off 720 x 480 and sinse i change from wmv to flash the experience wil be variable depending on the visitors broadband speed.

The quality of your video here on is more depending on you making it look and sound good then me adjusting it afterwards... There are several Video editor programs available.

What is the size limit and why?

The size limit for "Video upload" is around 200MB this is for high quality video, it lets users decide what's enough and what's not while not be forced to be behind some tight spot of going just above that size limit. you may wonder why there is a size limit. Take a credit card for example, its all based on how much income you have so if you where to exceed your financial income taking out credits and such! Your card will be "Down" you get my point right? Ok as for images i offer 2MB. this is more then enough for a high quality PNG image!

Why doesn't my video show?

There could be a lot of reasons your music video is down, first thing to check is your broadband connection does it work? Check your cable, if you are on a shared router this may affect the streaming significantly. Ok if that is not the problem the .WMV extension may be broken. You need to contact me to resolve this problem, in some cases it may be a music video that i pulled down due to user request but if that is the problem i will notify on the specific page!

Please note: if you happen to see a music video that is not working properly, use the feedback button. Email works just fine but when you use feedback it will go much smoother!

Can i change information about my content on

Yes you may email me the specific page, if you have a music video there are actually several things that might be altered. So of course this is not easy and i understand that. In the future i hope to have a function that will allow to change it right on the page without contacting me.

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The new re-vamped support section is up! But if you feel like you need further help with something, do not hesitate to contact me.