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Artist Signatures

This is a feature allowing you as a Inuyasha fan to simultaneously upload an fan-made image and signature that represent you as the artist of the image. Even though i have some left to work on for this to work properly, i believe this is what every Inuyasha fan deserve.

Video achievements

You earn video achievements through various of tasks. One is of course be able to "Enter Top Ten in Video Lounge" there are others such as i will give out some during my reviews on each video, and even tournaments that will take place on official forum! Some Video Achievements will be harder to get, so if you don't get exactly what you neighbor got the first time you uploaded you first music video. I promise training is all there is and you may get where you want on second try!

How to earn video of the month

Every month i will announce one uploaded music video and depending on whether the creator has tagged it i will announce the users name as well as the winner of "Music video of the Month" On this will reward the person not only with a Video achievement! But also with a Spot light position on the main page of Music videos! for the entire month! Where He/She may read comments about his/hers music video from other people all around the world

Ratings what is a good score?

The rating score will be shown at my reviews and of course on the main page at Music videos. This rating is determined by the quality of the music video, if the music is fitting and scene transitions with and without effects. Not only that but the overall impression may change everything! However hidden messages and out of place images will most certainly lead to a minus in the score, so think about that before you upload anything.

Pro Tip

Really make sure and take your time on your project before you uploaded it on my site. That way you wont have to deal with unnecessary bits and pieces that may pop-up!
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The new re-vamped support section is up! But if you feel like you need further help with something, do not hesitate to contact me.