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How do i upload on

Uploading on is a simple task even for a new player! You may upload videos and images so that's why you should look for the "special banner" saying Upload image or Upload video if you see either of these banners just press it and you will instantly be brought to the upload page!

Ok now we are at the easy part or at least i think this is the easy part. We have two options, first we may choose "Easy upload" and just upload my music video very straight forward or we could take "Hard upload" Which will let you add information about yourself and the content!

Lets take the easy way! Alright so we are only 3 Clicks away from a grammy award.

Now we are ready to upload our video, remember you are limited on 100MB file transfer so if your file exceeds that it wont work!

Right! So now what? Easy, Browse for your selected content and press ok. then submit you will be redirected and the page will load. "Uploading the content" depending on your broadband speed it will take the time necessary.

By: Jonas Cederlund
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