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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: Jan, 2015 20:13 Back Next

Review - Is the Order a Rabbit? S1

The story is mixed with a lot of very heart warming humor from the girls, and it revolves mostly around just getting through the day for some of the characters, or sometimes facing a challenge, there is very little back story or overlaying plot to have in mind. The show is very easy going on that front, and will throw in a character that will speak about past events, and some minor things that wont actually affect the quality of the show.

The animations in Is the order a rabbit? is great, and show a lot of personality. All of the girls is very easy to get know and look at, since they have huge differences in personality and appearances. The voice acting is fantastic with all the girls in the show, but the one character that stand out the most, probably because she gets most screen time is Cocoa Hoto, voiced by Ayane Sakura.

The backgrounds in the show is also a treat, with a very colorful pallet, you get really spoiled with all the attention to detail. and this is just not the backgrounds. All the characters is rich and colorful.

And the smooth and very thoughtful drawn animations, drawn with both humor and care. This anime will certainly give your eyes a treat!

If you like well drawn animations and characters with voice actors that take their roles super seriously, and the role is teenage girl working at a coffee shop, having fun most of the time. This series is for you, it's colorful, it is cute and it is very easy to just sit down and watch.

But most of all, the characters is likeable, and the voice acting is at a level that would melt any beating heart.

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