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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: Jan, 2015 20:13 Back Next

Retrospective - Is the Order a Rabbit? S1

The show Is the order a rabbit? came out april 10 2014 and went on to air twelve episodes the first season. The first episode you will learn that, Cocoa Hoto who is jumping down the street in the first scenes, is actually transferring and have just arrived to this little town full of vibrant colors and people.

It doesn't take long before Cocoa meets Chino at the Rabbit House, Chino is small and cute and also very cuddly, at least that's what Cocoa think. We also meet Rize, a girl who is super into military themes, and wont hesitate to defend the Rabbit house from invaders! Cocoa new to the Rabbit house, will get to learn how to work and make coffee, in the first episodes.

Not before long, Cocoa meets Chiya, and just soon there after the trio of girls meets up with Sharo. Unexpected they all serve att shops serving various hot drinks. Cocoa really finds Chiya cool, with her traditional japanese kimono, and Sharo has taking a fancy into Rize, but is too scared to say something.

All the girls have some kind of charm, Cocoa finds Chino as her little sister and is always aware when that position is in danger. Chino on the other hand finds herself always carrie the round bunny Tippy on her head, maybe it's some secret to that bunny? Bunny or not, the girls find them self in a lot of activities during season 1, getting lost on their first day too school, baking bread, playing sports, and even stalking each other.

That's a short recap of season 1 of Is the order a rabbit?, and for those that don't know, the show have no over lapsing storyline except the character traits. However the flow of the show is natural especially this first season which i applaud, If you want to watch an anime with a cute yet amazing production. This is it.

We will get to follow the girls on more heart warming moments this year in Is the Order a Rabbit? Season 2!

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