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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: Dec, 2015 20:13 Back Next

Anime - Top 6 over-used Character traits and settings

Anime is a form of entertainment and an art form, just like any other media in the world. It has more or less been grounded in japan but the definition has not originated from the land with the rising sun, Today it's an industry that's have seen very famous artists and companies come and define the media, Studio Ghibli maybe best known for Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind. But Innovation in anime is few and far between, you occasionally see the nods to the big hitters in the lesser anime's, but for the most part anime for several years now have relied on what works and sell.

The twin, lets face it, in an overcrowded market it's not easy to create something original especially not if that thing is supposed to look appealing. That's why you sometimes can stumble upon shows that has almost the exact same character traits and design, sure some creators take inspiration from other artists and some may have just made a parody. And all that is fine, but sometime the line between similarity and just a copy is a little too close.

The laugh and golden locks,we have all seen it, born somewhere in europe? This character trait is noble and usually looks down on others while in some shows also have a dilema of secretively having trouble making friends, sometimes the laugh comes down as a really annoying way of just showing pity, or mocking those beneath them. A weird character trait that appears more often then you might think.

Shower and bath scene, everyone takes a shower and bath, we need to right? Or else we would be all dirty, well if that was the sole purpose for this scene in anime i would have probably overlooked it. But the shower/bath scene is such a common and varied occurrence in anime that it can be varied as erotic and just a normal bath shown above in the picture from the series (Inuyasha) and sometimes going on for 15 seconds to 10 minutes or more. Is it part of a daily routine, sure! Is it thrown in to get the female lead naked while the male lead starts nose bleeding, you bet!

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