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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: Dec, 2015 20:13 Back Next

Anime - Top 6 over-used Character traits and settings

The beach episode is much like the bath scene, more or less unavoidable. The characters will get undressed at some point and show bare skin it just how it goes. And for the most part it is fun and relaxing, most of the time at least. The girls usually tends to be very excited to show off their new swimsuit, while the guys usually end up having a hard time staying clear from trouble.

Ah.. The classic super power, your favorite anime hero protagonist learns, it's more or less a basic thing to have in any long running show where you have growth of some kind. However some shows miss use this hidden character talent, just to create something even more powerful. Only to have the main character become even stronger and overcome even the strongest of opponents. It's a circle of never ending gaining power, and you will loose track of whom is the strongest.

Anime is more dominated by female leads and side-characters then male, and this is not a bad thing. It's just how the authors have created their work, we have some truly classic heroines from Studio Ghibli, and some anime that have created female leads that is as iconic as the male part. Anime also have tons of sub genres geared towards male audiences with mostly female cast members in various form, everything from Magical Girls, idol girls, Harem anime and just straight up action/drama and slice of life.

In the end you get some small part of everything enjoying your favorite show, and if you are fan you certainly have seen these tried and true traits before.

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