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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: March, 2015 20:30 Back Next

Editorial - Assassin's Creed Unity - Looking Back

Assassin's Creed Unity did many things just excellent, the animation were top notch and probably on a whole different level from a lot of other games out today. The hundreds of npc's tredding the streets and doing their daily chores added a whole new level of immersion, and to climb the environment that brought you from dark sewers onto sky-high churches giving you a view few games can. It was easy to understand how much time and effort went in to build the latest game in the Assassin's Creed saga.

Even with all the technical faults the game had from the release, the graphics was and is still a marvel to look at. The lightning is some of the best used in gaming's history probably, the people plastering the streets all have detailed faces coupled with body animations. And even if the sound design is not as high in quality as in previous AC games, the few sounds that hit the mark sounds great!

But the fun must end sometime right? And coming in fresh into Assassin's Creed Unity will show you some big changes if you haven't kept up with the games, and even if you did play Assassin's Creed 4 a lot changed for Unity. Graphics and immersion aside, where the game takes the biggest turn is where you see the multiplayer centric approach. You unlock skills with points you earn though out the missions, just the main missions however, all the side quests is for money and fame only. And this is skills you otherwise would learn naturally through dialog in older titles. This is frustrating, mostly because you will encounter several instances where you might need to air assassinate two guards or throw money on the ground to lure them away. You don't have to, but the game takes away options from you.

I think it's important for you to know that i'm posting this article from a perspective just having played through the game single player only.

Unity, is misguided and unresolved in some aspects. The world map in Unity, it's utterly horrible, It doesnt make any sense why Ubisoft would make the whole world open from start. It overwhelms people and it overwhelms the map with icons that you feel you need to do, because you don't actually know if it is important or not for the progression of the story/achievement.

Ubisoft created a beautiful world with tons of npc's immersing you in the life of an assassin, but they change a perfect formula that also created an exciting and fun single player. Locking out skills for an assassin is not fun, Ubisoft should focus on going back and make the progression more natural via story and not by unlocking everything by skill tree and points. The rank system in Unity also felt more like an obligation just tacked on for multiplayer purposes.

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