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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: May, 2014 19:48 Back Next

Editorial - Destiny - Will it rise or fall

I'm thrilled and excited about the new game from Bungie the creators of Halo. Destiny, a game that according to them will last for 10 years and will evolve over that course. makes it sound pretty much like an MMO right? However Bungie have recently explained some elements from the game, saying for example if you want to go solo you can, they wont force anyone to party up. But the world in-game is constant and you will see events and other people. And they do encourage partying up and of course you may need better gear than you would if you were playing with a partner.

Bungie is amazing when it comes to creating games. And i'm sure they are saving the best for E3 and other game shows. Surely its nothing wrong with Destiny, well i just want to point some small things i think Bungie should stay away from while they can.

A game like Destiny have the potential to be something huge, but not without Guns of course. Destiny have been compared to Halo and Borderlands 2. Think about that for a second, what have Halo and Borderlands in common? Nothing... That's what, In Borderlands you press 2 different buttons to get in and out a vehicle, its insane how bad the controls is. There are crates every where in that game, Just with weapons. And you know what? It made me sick looking at weapons in the game, i never wanted to open a crate again for a month. More guns is not a solution, i'm pretty sure though nobody needs to fear about a bad control scheme on Destiny.

I have seen and heard, encountered it so many times before, a great game fall and crumble because the music was not up to par with rest of the game. There is nothing worse than a totally silent game without music that just relies on ambient sounds and calls it immersive. I always take Elderscrolls as an example and for a good reason, i recently played Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag which has a load of sleeping pills thoughout the game. Bungie former employee Marty o'donnell who made the Halo soundtrack, did also work on this but to what degree?

Now Just to be clear this is just my opinions, i'm not trying to tear the game apart or be bitter about anything. There are things i really dont want to see in the game, and maybe somethings i wish for. But as i have almost no information at all on the game i'm just assuming and giving out my honest view from the little i know. Only time will tell...

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