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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: May, 2020 15:46 Back Next

Editorial - Happy 15th Anniversary! 

Hello everyone, it has been awhile. 3 years since i technically did an update for my website. However now in 2020 as of May 15 my website have turned 15 years old! Looking back.. I started webdesign with very few and a hanfull of simple goals in mind. Build a website and dedicate it to my favorite anime, while giving out as much great content as i could that like minded people would enjoy. is my proudest achievement in life, i had managed to create something that would allow my creativity to actually make me feel alive for years    
And yes i did get burnet out from over work late 2015-2016 but i always wished that could somehow fix things i left undone during these empty and standstill years on my site.

In celebration of actually creating this website, and turning 15, i will update the site and slowly try and fix small errors. I'm not sure yet if i will start any constant content stream of uploads on the website, we'll see..

The most important topic is you guys, thank you everyone who have visited my website during these 15 years, doesnt matter if you just came for a screenshot, backround or a music video. Thank you! 

Let's talk again soon!

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