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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: April, 2016 15:53 Back Next

Editorial - Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GoTY 2015.

There were a ton of fun and exciting games coming out last year, that i personally played. But when i narrowed down to this one game, it was for my most beloved and most played game of 2015. And of course several other reason i will go through. Let's begin!

Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt took everyone by surprise with and when it came out last year, the vast rich detailed open world, were on a whole different level then any other open world game made before and the RPG aspects coupled with the world aspects the game made Witcher 3 the most vibrant and living game seen until now. The game follow Geralt of Rivia in a search for his student Ciri, who have been on the run from the Wild Hunt. Geralt will meet old and new friends that will help him track, hunt, solve, and kill for various information about Ciri.

The heavy rpg aspects in the game is not there to trick you that it is anything other, looking at you Skyrim. You will find loot and appropriate gear for Geralt with very differentiating stats, unlike an Elder Scrolls game. Characters and story are all wonderfully told and are crafted in the game as you progress, as well as miss able of course as any other open world game. And so are the skill system and character equipments which has far greater meaning in Witcher 3 then in most other games, and you never feel like you need to farm an enemy or get stuck at a quest or boss encounter, because your wheel of fortune when it comes to loot is not working. You will also use oils and enchantments during your travels and find blueprints for better armor upgrades. All this will have some beneficial use during the game at some point.

And the game is one of the most Beautiful games i have ever seen and played, with day and night cycle, and from the brightest of days to rainiest of seasons, and snowy mountains. in Witcher 3 there is always an excuse to just take a break and watch the distant view. I have found myself travel by walking along the roads more then riding or using the sign posts to fast travel, just so i could take in the atmosphere and surroundings in the game. The sound design is also fantastic. you hear so much chatter from children and adults talking about their daily problems, you will probably stop and listen in, just to enjoy the conversation or maybe overhear a quest. The soundtrack can only be described as amazing, from the uncanny song of war ridden Velen to a more wild and mysterious Skellige, you will never feel like Witcher 3 is a soulless place.. In fact Witcher 3 may be the most life like game that i have played. CDProject RED have made a master piece that will go down in history as one of the best games ever.

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