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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: May, 2016 19:30 Back Next

Games - Good bye Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 console have now been officially stopped for manufacturing, after a run of over 10 years plus the console will remain in stock at retailers as long as it lasts. And Phil Spencer added on Xbox Wire, that the games would be available for purchase and the servers would remain open for gamers around the world. Let's look back at one of the best consoles right beside the Super Nintendo and Playstation 2.

Xbox 360 came out back in late november 2005, over a decade ago, it introduced HD gaming for consoles and tons of things that is considered industry standards today, like an online marketplace, friend list and achievements. In 2005 Xbox Live transformed from being an one destination hang out place to your own gaming hub where you meet new friends and get the latest games etc. This huge step Xbox 360 did for gaming in the horsepower and online departments, helped shape the gaming industry. And right off the launch you could see how the console had more support from japanese game developers which stayed away from the original Xbox. Ninety Nine Nights and Ridge Racer 6 were both close launch games. And the console itself was even designed to appeal to the japanese audience with the white exterior, and the inhale. And of course we all remember the faceplates.

Xbox 360 did so many things right, the controller "considered one of the best controllers ever made" were a huge leap for the Xbox 360. It was more or less an improved and changed version of the last generation Controller - S for the original Xbox. The console had a really inventive and smart interface for its time, the blades which many consider old skool by now, the blades is still considered a fan favorite among the Xbox community. Microsoft might be the only one that that have changed the console from the inside in a such a major way that's hard to believe they were able to foresee the functions needed 10 years down the road.

Xbox 360 also was one of the very rare cases in console gaming where you can look back and remember how important the console actually were for the publishers and the developers as well as us gamers. Something as huge as Final Fantasy was no longer Playstation exclusive, and everyone from Square-Enix, Tri Ace, Capcom, Konami, Namco, SNK, SEGA, Mistwalker and many more supported the console and jumped on board and brought franchises many thought at the time were Playstation only games series. This is in my opinion one of the highpoints of the Xbox 360 in its lifetime, and Xbox gamers who never knew about titles such as"Tales of Vesperia" or "Star Ocean" could finally enjoy games they would never been able to before.

The Xbox 360 didn't just bring us Xbox gamers the best japanese games, it brought us the best games from publishers like EA, UBISOFT and 2K Games, like Dead Space, Assassin Creed and many more that gave us unforgettable games, and experiences.

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