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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: May, 2016 19:30 Back Next

Games - Good bye Xbox 360

We also had smaller games from the famous Xbox Live Arcade section, which might have been the first ever online gaming store front. Buying smaller retro and original games that's cheaper and not the large triple AAA were a new concept back in 2005. But to play everything from retro classics, Sonic The Hedgehog to Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 games and new games that is some of the best games you could find and play last generation and even today, was a treat!

Xbox 360 came out with some iconic big hitters early on in its life time, Gears of War which became a staple for graphic fidelity on the console and the generation. Halo 3 returned in full force after Halo 2 with a larger campaign and better multiplayer then ever. And for the first ever, Xbox players could make their own maps and battle on them in a new game mode called Forge. And of course we also had the new and improved sequel to Forza Motorsport as well as Fable. But the game that actually opened everyones eyes for real, was The Elder Scroll Oblivion when it came out, it blew everyone away how massive it was.

But for every first party sequel we had, there always was the new standout game from a new developer we had not really played a game from before? Unless you had owned a Playstation that is, and that made the Xbox 360 twice as exciting.

And the console also was home to tons of japanese niche games like Idol simulators and Shoot em ups. All from Idol master, Dream C Club and Death Smiles II X, Otomedius Gorgeous. Even japan exclusive fighters like Phantom Breaker. So the console had tons of value in collecting games, which many do including me.

The Xbox 360 felt as if Microsoft took the fight way beyond the home turf, and made a difference on so many levels. Even if the red ring of death happened and Microsoft did push Kinect as a gaming device way too much, even though it's clearly not a good device to game on.

But with all this said, the Xbox 360 have given me and so many others, just tons and tons of joy. We laughed, we cried, and we probably shouted at each other a few times. And i made new friends, i kept friends since the first Xbox played for hours and just punched the heavens with my fist as i earned that last achievement in DigDug

This is not a good bye for my Xbox 360, i will continue to play my Xbox 360 for many years to come..

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