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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: Jan, 2015 20:13 Back Next

Editorial - Pay to win - bad for gamers?

Lets examine this for a bit.. Ok so everyone's on the same page that paying for a upgrade or item in a game that gives you a boost is the bane of all evil? Well thank god we cleared that up.

So for those that don't know what microtransaction and pay to win is. It's simply a way for players to get a boost in a game using money or in game currency. This can all be cars in Forza Motorsport and parts needed for buying health in Dead Space 3. Here is the thing, microtransaction exist because people don't have time to spend 20-40 hours grinding away levels and getting all the best weapons and cars.

If you are a person slaving away at work most of the day, the last thing you want is be stuck at some level or some boss because you didn't have time to dedicate yourself to find the best armor and weapon plus that health upgrade. You want to enjoy the story, and then hop online and kick some ass and have fun like all the others!

The only reason microtransaction have gotten such a bad reputation is because, the most dedicated gamers playing today, feel like its cheating which it not. If it were cheating then everyone would be doing it and not complain. And no money is not the problem.

Developers, gaming journalist and gamers on all platforms should embrace microtransactions. It enables people that don't have time to see more and experience more of a game. And even gamers that need help though a game, microtransaction provide that breather, and save so many folks from getting stuck in games at critical times.

If you don't believe me, or still hate microtransaction for what it does and is. Don't worry, the world of video games have never been so vibrant, it gives out a helping hand now more then ever.

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