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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: April, 2015 16:57 Back Next

Editorial - Gintama - Excellence.

As i mentioned in the previous page, Gintama is about the characters and of course the great voice actors who make them come alive. Lets not forget about them, and the world of Gintama is full of vibrant and richly detailed characters, that fills out the backgrounds and locations even jokes.

Take Hijikata Toshi as an example, his obsession with mayonnaise and how it works with everything. Then take Gintoki Sakata, he has an unhealthy obsession for suger!

These common character traits always turns into some chaotic argument as it should.

Gintama have many odd character traits that clash and run through the series as a running joke, Shinpachi wear glasses, and (spoiler) in some weird turn of event his glasses is the biggest part of his character. Taizou Hasegawa (Gintoki Sakata's friend) on the other hand always wears his sunglasses, and its his only possession as he is homeless and struggling between jobs, see the connection?

Of course these are not the only running jokes making Gintama the amazing and funny anime it is.

Gintama also is one of the very few large and long running shows, that succeeds in stuffing the show full with parodies of other anime, american tv shows, and video games. as well as making references to all this mentioned above. Which can be hard if you don't watch movies or television at all, these jokes might just fly over your head and not give any impact at all.

Anyhow i could spend another page talk about the back story and progressive story for the show, This article however was about how Gintama had succeeded with the comedy as far as it has, almost 300 episodes and still we love the show, we come back for the lovable characters, and we laugh until we are sick every time thanks to Gintama.

Here's hoping we will be laughing for years to come, together with Gintoki Sakata and the rest of the cast from Gintama.

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