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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: March, 2015 18:15 Back Next

Editorial - Gintama - Excellence.

I write this article just before the new season starts, and i'm a huge fan of Gintama and i will try to focus on what i think make Gintama the great anime that it is, this tribute article will also be split in two, with that said let's start!

There is no doubt that comedy is central and is part of the japanese culture in the anime industry. there's a lot of comedic elements that you could pinpoint in anime, some disturbing and some quite funny, Gintama in this respect find the perfect balance between just right and borderline crazy.

Gintama charms you at the first moment you see the first episode, and the land of samurai have been overrun by amanto, and the time of samurai in EDO is long gone. Sakata Gintoki, our protagonist is running a jack of all trade shop, doing Odd Jobs for money, together with Kagura and Shinpachi. And they try there best to scrape up for the rent every month, Sakata Gintoki is a naturally wavy white haired seen it all character, and even though he has a sweet tooth he knows what's important to him and when it get rough.

Shinpachi on the other hand is always more calm and at the same time, frustrated as he is always pointing out what's wrong with the situation at hand as he is the straight man. Shinpachi is also mostly made up of the glasses he wear, the rest is dirt and water.

Kagura is the Odd Jobs mascot, she is a little girl and also a Yato, besides being very strong Kagura having a big appetite for food, she also tends to take after Gintokis bad sides.

Together these three make up for an amusing but a very flawed team. And Gintama thrives on just this, combining the many characters differences and personality traits, and create some sort of chaos. Mix and match untill it creates the perfect moment and that moment achieves what is essentially Gintama. The series also constantly breaks the 4th wall and make fun of itself, by questioning why Gintama is the only show running in 4:3 for example. The no care attitude, and really this is the anime we have to live and work with? The characters at several occasions state how lazy they think the staff is that make the anime.

All these 4th wall breaking, make for constant amusement how the characters, seems semi-alive and aware of the surroundings and events happening outside in the real world.

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