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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: November, 2014 15:16 Back Next

Editorial - Graphics is not why we game.

This editorial will be about the whole discussion that have flared up recently, on how many pixels the new consoles can output. The side taking part of gaming because someones copy of a game has a higher number attached to it.

Let's be clear a game can only look as good as its assets it is given. When you think something looks great in the game, then its most likely, believe it or not Graphical assets in conjunction with skyboxes and backdrops. Everything working in harmony to create this immersing world.

I think any game can achieve the perfect graphical fidelity with the perfect frame rate. But for a game to accomplish a believable world where monsters and demons roam free, and magic is part of it, maybe even space travel? It needs characters, story telling, and composed music even ambient sound. It needs all this to form the emotion and feeling the game is trying to encompass.

When a game comes out in 1080p on Playstation and 900p on Xbox, don't hate and start yell at each other. You have no reason to feel superior or inferior on either platform. The satisfaction should come from reasons like, hey what did the game deliver? Not from what could it have delivered according to someone on a message board.

Graphics is a real thing, and sure we want our new consoles to be power houses. The thing is both Xbox One and Playstation 4 is capable of creating amazing worlds with stunning characters and narrative. We as players want to experience that we as gamers remember our favorite games, because of all of the above mentioned it is no secret. But does anyone remember any game fondly just because it had such intense graphics, no didn't think so. Graphics is not what made gaming what it is today and what really matters is what comes with the graphics.

Don't give in to the stupid banter of the internet. The trending media of youtube and various gaming sites, be a proud Xbox fan or Playstation fan or even WiiU. Whatever platform makes you happy no matter the numbers of pixels and frames, all that matters is the games and that you put that game in the disc tray and enjoy it without a second thought.
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