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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: August, 2014 16:03 Back Next

Editorial - Memories - Sega Dreamcast

When i first received my Dreamcast i was stoked, i had read in a pamphlet how you could play online with millions around the world. Online play was still a relatively new thing for a majority of people around the world almost 15 years ago now. Hooking up the machine was a marble, what does this port do? oh wow you can remove the modem! The VMU's or Virtual Memory Units was inserted into the controllers and the Dreamcast itself, everything felt Next gen and unexplored!

While my friends were all playing and sided with Playstation, i never looked back Sonic Adventure got me playing for hours on end, chasing Dr Eggman and seeing Super Sonic in full 3D in all its glory! And Resident Evil Code Veronica blew me away with its chilling atmosphere, and became quickly my favorite Resident Evil game.

I was also born a japanese roleplaying gamer on the system, when i first played Grandia 2 i loved everything about it. The Characters, the music, the story just everything just came together as a masterpiece of a game. Grandia 2 became my favorite game of all time.

Skies of Arcadia another great Jrpg on the Dreamcast gets a mention, and while i loved Grandia 2, for my fighting nerves Techromancer was the totality of what you could ask for in a new fighter with huge robots and wild anime story! Some could transform and some had giant laser beams, and the laser beams could collide i'm not kidding!

I also did get a Mouse and Keyboard, and Wheel for my Dreamcast. I had loads of fun playing with 2 other friends on Quake 3 Arena against each other, or against a really hard bot. And while i haven't used the wheel a ton for Sega Rally or Sega GT or any other Racing game, Its a fun part of dreamcast short history to have. And ChuChuRocket is a great game just to screw each other over for fun when you got pals over to game with.
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