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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: June, 2015 18:15 Back Next

Xbox 2015 - E3

E3 2015 is just around the corner, and this year seems to be a big one especially for Phil Spencer and Xbox.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer said as much that this years conference for Xbox would not be a standard Xbox E3 briefing. And that he wants to focus more on 1st party games for Xbox One. But also keep in mind that Xbox unlike the previous generation is in second place and lagging behind quite a bit. No doubt is this E3 if any important to regain some momentum in the console sales for the Xbox division, Last E3 we got some amazing announcements, this year i think we need some shocking and mind blowing games to get people to buy the Xbox One.

This year though Xbox One owners can look forward to Halo 5: Guardians, Forza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fable Legends and possibly Psycho Pass?

Crackdown together with Quantum Break and Scale Bound is likely out 2016 and beyond, but all these games were unveiled last E3 and last Games com and some before that. So it's hard to determine how many of these they will show and how much time Phil Spencer and Team Xbox think the games need on stage.

Some topics though looking through Xbox feedback forum, reveals an high demand for japanese games, Japanese role playing games, Gears of war HD remake and more from RARE. And so far only a Gears of War 1 HD Remake have been sighted, and RARE is rumored to be working on something new that is not Kinect. No japanese role playing games in sight though, so would not hold my breath for that.

But above all, something that the gamers and most of all, Xbox gamers have been clamoring for, is a third entry in the Shenmue saga. And hopefully HD remakes of the first two games. If anyone should move forward and announce Shenmue 3, it would be Microsoft otherwise would be a huge loss and mistake on their part if any other first platform holder does it.

Of course as i mentioned above Phil Spencer mentioned how this were not a ordinary Xbox E3 briefing. This could be because of Windows 10 and Holo-lens, or just either of them having a presence on stage. Windows 10 will probably bring a new interface and apps for the Xbox One very soon. And game streaming between the platforms will probably be part of the showing. The thing is, it could just be a quick trailer to a stage demo, i don't know myself until E3 in 2 weeks from now. And even if we wont see any major japanese role playing game or Shenmue 3 even Silent Hill that has been rumored this E3, Let's hope Phil have something other then what has already been announced last E3.

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