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P2 By Jonas Cederlund: June, 2016 21:55 Back Next

Xbox 2016 - Post E3 thoughts

Then we had Gwent, did you play Gwent and really like it? I personally hate it, I love Witcher 3 but Gwent? let's skip this, and by the way there is a lot of aweful low points in the Xbox E3 briefing, like the Minecraft snooze fest.

Next up was Tekken 7, i'll be honest i'm not a big Tekken gamer. I prefer my fighting games in 2D or atleast over the top japanese like Techromancer on Sega Dreamcast. So i guess it's great that Tekken players on Xbox can play it. But we got Tekken Tag tournament 2 for free atleast, so if i do decide to buy it i can practice my skills before the game comes out.

And what could have been a pretty cool surprise, tada! Dead Rising 4 which everyone knew beforehand would be on the show, if you like Dead Rising then this game sure looks like it will cover it, for your Zombie slaughter game for the year! Seirously it's Dead Rising the fourth installment, not much to say about it.

After Dead Rising we finally get Scalebound, the only game Microsoft had this E3 that got me really stoked! Hideki Kamiya take the stage and once again explain how he have had a dream about a world with Dragons. The gameplay video we are going to watch is 4 player co-op with Platinum games biggest boss ever he saids.

My first impression is the game is gorgeous looking and how awesome it is that all the players spawning in have all different dragons equipped with different armor. The voice over for Drew is really cool aswell, it has that over the top i'm badass while still sounding like he could be really calm and cool. And there is dragon riding in the game which you can use to defeat huge bosses like in the gameplay. And halfway through the gamplay video we get to the second stage of the boss, and Drew takes his headphones, put them on and music starts pumping as the boss and the 4 players just badass battle it out. Scalebound is my game of E3 this year, i'm so hyped for it!

So then there were Sea of Thieves, not much have actually been said about this game. Rare have said yes, you will play in shareworld adventure and they want you to live you pirate dream and do whatever you can imagine. What all that means in reality, who knows?

Also Halo Wars 2 got a CG trailer with some small gameplay shown, and there was a BETA announced playable the same day. Oh yeah and we also got a new console code named project scorpio. The only information that's out and confirmed is that you will need a 4K televesion to take advantage of that 4K res from Scropio. Time to save some money on a new Television right?

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