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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: June, 2016 21:55 Back Next

Xbox 2016 - Post E3 thoughts

E3 flew by as fast the car showcased on the Xbox E3 boothfloor. but nevertheless some things Phil Spencer and Team Xbox had a few games worth mentioning.

As usual Phil Spencer took the stage, and really used exciting words for him and his teams E3 show. which In my opinion didnt quite live up too the expectations. The Xbox One S were announced right of the bat! And sure it's sleeker and all, but it is not as if it's a must have like previous gen, with early console overheating and other manufacturing issues on the Xbox 360 early days. Xbox One does not have any of that.

Gears of War 4 looks great and it will be fun to play Gears of War again. And i'm really excited to play another Gears game. But the E3 Demo was a little lackluster. But still super excited! And they also had a new Gears of War limited Controller which is crazy expensive. Speaking of constrollers, Microsoft have created a website where you design your own custom controller which is kinda cool i guess.

We also had a return of Forza Horizon with the third installment. Not much to talk about here, it's on a new landscape this time and you can drive more cars then previous Horizon games. The online component is also improved on and the game will have co-op for the first time.

After that, we had Recore. A game from the maker of Mega Man, and a game i've been looking forward to. We got a quick gameplay trailer this time, mostly showing of the games mechanic and what the different friendly robots you will have with you and can do for you. Looks very promising!

A Final Fantasy 15 Titan Demo followed after Recore and it was strange, i don't blame the person playing, you could clearly see he was trying to time the evades on the attacks. But whatever, i'm still going to buy it, and hopefully it wont get me stuck halfway through like FF13 or have as nasty characters as 13 had.

After the near fail from Square Enix, we got an update on upcoming Xbox Live features, Background music is finally coming! And Mike Ybbara touts how Microsoft have built more servers closer to everyone playing Xbox Live. And then goes on to introduce three new features for Xbox, Clubs, Groups and Arena all features designed more or less so you can find other players and be more social, while Arena is a little more Pro gamer focused.

There was also a good showing of indie games, Inside got much praise on stage, and we got Limbo for free kinda like hype us all up before Inside comes out. And Microsoft showed new gameplay from the indie Bioshocky kinda game We Happy Few. It looks really cool and different from a lot of indies which for once makes you excited.

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