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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: Aug, 2014 20:50 Back Next

Gamescom - Xbox - 2014

This year on Gamescom 2014 Xbox started fairly european, sure gamescom is in europe in germany to be exact. The show started with a trailer of the new Assassins Creed Unity and went straight over to FIFA 15 and Football Legends, its like pokemon cards right? Oh and also Peter Schmeichel was on stage. Anyway... After that a montage of every indie developed game coming for Xbox One showed up, some games that stood out was, Cup Head, Goat Simulator, Super HOT, Space Engineers, The Escapists and SMITE.

Then we saw a gameplay trailer of the game BELOW, a game shown first at E3 last year. so it's a dungeon crawler with bon fires, and with top down view i guess? I'm still really unsure on that game, its from the guys who made Super Time Force which i have yet to play. After Below, it was Call Of Duty's turn to take the stage, the demo emphasized the campaign, and showed of some of the new weapons and abilities with the Exo suits, The game sure was pretty, but i could not help but notice, how it was packed with cars on the bridge, and on several occasion they used explosive weapons like the new homing grenades. But the cars on the bridge stays in place like stationary objects to look pretty.

Then Phil Spencer announced a new Call Of Duty Xbox One bundle, for 499.99 $ It comes with 1 Terabyte HDD, The new Call Of Duty game, but no kinect camera. It has however a special limited Call Of Duty Design to the Console. After all that COD candy, Turtle Rock Studio climbed up the stage, it was announced a date for the Beta for their new game Evolve, and that DLC would premier first on Xbox.

Enter Phil Harrison, oh you sly dog... The first things he says is "I'm gonna say Exclusive a lot" And true to his word he did. Crystal Dynamics comes on stage talking about Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider and the announcement that the new Tomb Raider was coming exclusively holiday 2015, and Final Fantasy 13 all over again, well almost.

Then if not the most exciting part of the briefing, Sam Lake from Remedy, the studio behind Alan Wake now working on Quantum Break. showed the first gameplay from Quantum Break, as Sam Lake was narrating what was happening on the screen and why. The game looked amazing and had a unique touch, the protagonist could manipulate time, lure his enemies and even face moments where time stood still or perhaps slowed down called stutters.

After Remedy's new game, Fable Legends was up, they showed new heroes and announced the time and date for the Beta.

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