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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: July, 2015 15:52 Back Next

Xbox 2015 - Gamescom

Gamescom is coming up, and Microsoft is gearing up big time too vow the european audience the Xbox have been struggling to been embraced by.

There is no secret that Playstation resonate a lot with the europeans, but since the Xbox One launce back in 2013 the Xbox brand has been struggling more then usual to gain momentum and sales. Phil Spencer have said in numerous articles that europe is an important market and that he wants to do better.

And hopefully this is where Gamescom comes in, because if the line up at E3 did not impress the europeans what will? Well.. There is a few things Microsoft i think Phil Spencer and Team Xbox is counting on. The first is of course Windows 10 that's out just before Gamescom, Windows 10 will come with a new Xbox app and moving forward probably more cross play between the platforms, and second Rare replay that comes out the day Gamescom begin!

But of course they will have games on the Xbox stage at the show, Quantum Break is a huge game many people is looking forward too, and Scale bound is another, a game from Platinum Games witch is most famous for Vanquish and Bayonetta. Crackdown which is fan favorite among some gamers, will also be on stage, but the more burning question is will there be more? If they can come out with an announcement of a brand new intellectual property that's way more exciting then repeats from E3 at least in my opinion.

It will be exciting to see, what comes out from Gamescom, E3 showed the world that Microsoft is truly serious about making Xbox One the gaming platform that gamers want, and not a multimedia device that plays games. Hopefully Phil Spencer can deliver the same message at Gamescom, the vision and the games lineup that will and should bring together gamers all around the world.

Sony is dominating the EU market right now, and the Asian is just a no show for Xbox, and you don't get unlimited continues like in a game. Good luck Phil Spencer and Team Xbox you will need it.

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