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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: September, 2015 14:48 Back Next

Xbox 2015 - Year over Review

So here we are, almost 2 years after what could be considered a poor launch in many eyes. Considering the success of the Xbox 360 the console who would have been center of the living room Xbox One, many questioned if Microsoft vision included gaming this new generation? Well Microsoft poor way of conveying it back in 2013 certainly did not help, so have anything changed since then? Let's find out..

Looking back at it, it probably took a lot of time reforming the business that would succeed the Xbox 360 and at the very least it was a bold move, making the TV functionality such a big deal from the get go. But were Microsoft aware off all the back turns and turnarounds they would have to make before Xbox One finally became realized as a next gen console to have? Sure some people may have been frustrated by the poor communication and that Tv took center stage, but Xbox One was also less powerful then Playstation 4 and had several restrictive barriers back then, that has been changed.

Now more then 2 years after the huge blow back with the Xbox One release, Microsoft have done all they can to change the face of the new Xbox console from the 2013 multimedia machine to a more hardcore gaming console, and they have done an amazing job. if you are looking at it from a first party perspective Xbox is probably outdoing Nintendo right now, witch is not an easy thing to do! However, third party titles from big publishers like Sega and Bandai Namco and many more is still skipping Xbox One. The question is will this change in time with the japanese Xbox One market growing, and will it grow so it could potentially change

Games aside, Phil Spencer is always engaged on the internet and have a conversation with the Xbox community, and Team Xbox just a few years ago launched a website called Xbox Feedback. And fans have more or less shaped many of the most requested features and also previewed them in a Xbox preview program on Xbox One today. These important steps i think make the fans happy and the Xbox a better place for gamers today.

If you look at the Xbox One platform not as just a gaming machine and not just a Netflix device, but as a central hub for everything. The Xbox One shines, after these two years the Xbox platform is more of a lifestyle where games is included and heavily prioritized. Sure the UI still feels awkward and slow. But we are getting a new soon!

All in all, i think Phil Spencer together with his team at Xbox is making an amazing Job at giving all they can for the Xbox One. Everything from bundles to new controllers and new triple A exclusive games. Third party still needs some work though..

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