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Sep Newsletter

Smooth sailing!

Welcome back, Blueglue had rocky start with some broken links and un-updated pages, and while there might still be some pages with unfinished business. This month i have only good news and new exciting content!

What's new this month.

I will be rolling out a new Inuyasha music video, together with two new Game music soundtracks. Quake 3 Arena Dreamcast version and Sega GT as well as an updated version of my current gaming soundtrack on the site, Tokyo Highway Challenge. All this in one big september update swoop!


Speaking of Youtube, my website will soon support on page viewing HTML5 videos through Youtube. You can still use my old Flash player. It's set-up so you have the choice actually. I'm looking to replace my old flash with something else. And i will give you more and more choice when i start to upload more classics and get around to upload all the updated versions in Flash.

Things left undone.

As i mentioned before, there is still pages and things that i need to work on that i didn't manage to finish. Some of these things are my Image galleries and icons around the site that missing linkage. And i still need to make more pages and more content for some of new pages.

More on this in the future, enjoy the new content!
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