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Nov Newsletter

A bitter taste.

Waiting for something always sucks, especially when you know if you went with the competition. There would not be any wait for the product. I'm talking of course of Xbox One which releases in about 2 weeks in 13 countries Sweden not included. Playstation on the other hand will release in over 20 countries Sweden included. Luckily Sony hasn't any game launch day that would excite anyone, Microsoft on the other hand have Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Crimson Dragon and D4.

Still questions around Xbox One.

Microsoft is in full gear by now making cakes and soda pops with baloons for the launch party, but there is still many questions. Like when is Xbox one going to be available in the rest of europe, the official word is "asap" and different stores have begun to estimated dates for the console. Some as late as march 28!? Witch by that time it probably would feel like you missed the whole Xbox one launch event.

And maybe many doesn't struggle with these questions and just buy a PS4 instead, however those people have no friends and real connections to their online precense. Oh well, Time will tell!

Delayed Content.

Novembers scheduled content may be delayed some, and some part of it may be skipped. Computers break and program stop working, there is not much you can do but start over.

Other work still waiting

I have a lot of editorials that i skipped because i felt, i had to rush on things with the site and create more content. Not only Content wise also work wise, i have also slacking of creating more Inuyasha and Halo content as that is still a big part of my site. I'll will look into my schedule for delivering video and images on the site for next year!

See you next month!
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