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January Newsletter

Welcome back!

Let's start the new year of with that both new consoles are out finally. And from here there are tons upon tons of great games coming in 2014 and the year after this. So it's exciting times for sure! will stroll on in a steady pace, with more content and cool stuff coming this year. Lets take a sneak peek on what coming...

Playthroughs starting this month.

The new playthrough for this month is not decided, but with that in mind i have a shmup collection Playthrough, and if you are lucky Tales of Versperia together with more Charlie Murder. I also would love to do a playthough on Magna Carta 2 and more fun XBLA games.

No date is set as of yet when it comes for playthroughs with full retails, but follow me on twitter or just keep an eye on my site and you will be the first to know!

Music videos and related content?

Music videos will come at a steady pace in 2014, i will try and keep it as diverse as possible and bring in several new franchises while also keep some old classics alive. Images and pictures which belongs to some of these names will be addressed at a later date.
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