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February Newsletter

Winter So Long...

I cant speak for everyone visiting my website but rather i hope, the chilly and cold winter is more then over for now. That goes for the game drought aswell, oh boy people really wanted a next-gen system, but with only so many games it can only occupie you so much...

More cool content for you cool dudes!

There were some playthroughs that never made it this month, yeah they are still in the works dont worry. Go read my previous newsletter if you want to know what those were. So not included those, i have began thinking of doing a playthrough of Alan Wake and BulletStorm. I have to get my computer in order and make room for all Playthroughs that will take place at the same time.

No date is set as of yet when it comes for playthroughs with full retails, but follow me on twitter or just keep an eye on my site and you will be the first to know!

Music videos and Game Music
for the Noble.

Just like before there will be a new music video together with more game music from more retro games.

I will also work some on the video pages in a few days, the linkages for some social elements does not funktion as they should.
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