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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: April, 2014 16:35 Back Next

April Newsletter

Blessing, Ignorance.

Welcome back, i hope the pre-summer warmth have reach your shoulders as well. This newsletter will focus around what has happened this last two months and some new changes that will come.

Disqus still broken...

Even though i have contacted disqus on their website, and they were nice enough to help me. I'm still way of to fix the problem, just because it's spread out on so many pages, that must be updated. And also this is something that i cant rush since this time its going to work.

Quick draw, slow end.

I had as usual, all the content planned out. I did come out with my latest music video very early. And then the disqus error occurred which i mention above. This made everything stand still for weeks because i had to contact people and wait for a reply, and then think over what my next step were going to be.

In any case all of the content supposed to come out in april is now out, some still not up on mind you. that's why i haven't made any huge site updates and change the cover art for the latest content on the site even though some new stuff is up. I will probably wait for first piece of content in may..

Some pages, Some features.

Some current features and pages, will get looked over. Most notably i will have a new alternative to news on my web site, so this is interesting, i have dabbled in news before... And i always wanted to deliver gaming news from my web site. But it's utterly impossible, there is so much so that keeping up with all that's happening, while taking care of the site and rolling out new fresh content can really take a toll on you.

So i will look into what i can perhaps do instead, editorials and articles from time to time..

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