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The latest, update Vivid Vision 2.5 is up and brings a host of improvements to the site, but if you still find you self struck with some trouble dont hesitate to visit my help page.

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May-Oct Newsletter

Sorry for the wait.

I'm back! Again, yes ahem.. again. So for you that don't remember, i have worked from May to july on fixing and more or less restoring Disqus on my website, it was now this september i was actually back to normal website. Even though i only manage to crank out a music video, i will try to put more of the same great content you the visitor have become used to.

Disqus fixed and small changes.

Disqus is now behaving as it should, but if you should encounter any problems remember to contact me. Some smaller changes to front page is still underway, and there are some planned site wide changes including one page swap. But i will update you on that as i move closer to the finishing date.

One note, One beginning.

This month i will change hosting plans for my website, i have been hosted with Lunarpages Dedicated plan for quite a while now. And its always a toll on my wallet. But what aren't you willing to do, for the one thing that makes your life worth living right? So might go down a couple of days, actually i have no clue how long it will take to make the transfer. But now you know.

Features, why aren't pages updating.

I will talk more about, certain pages on my website in the future, i always look at how they function in comparison to other outlets. Its important for me that i can deliver a steady work flow, a stream with content that is a logic solution, a recipe not flaw in the system.

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